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About Save Our Seas Foundation 


Registered in Switzerland and operated from Dubai, The Save Our Seas Foundation is a non-profit organization that establishes and supports conservation, awareness, scientific research and educational projects focused on the need to protect our world’s oceans. SOSF has supported over 76 projects in 30 countries. Betty Bauman, marketing professional, events manager and founder of the "Ladies, Let's Go Fishing!" University series, has been chosen as a SOSF Project Leader to conduct the Shark, Ray and Fish Release Awareness Program.


In addition to their efforts to preserve the fragile marine ecology, SOSF has focused on drawing attention to the role that sharks, rays and other marine apex predators play in maintaining a healthy marine ecosystem and awareness of such.


The intent for this initiative is to support the mission and objectives of the Save Our Seas Foundation. Some of their missions include:


Research into the conservation biology and requirements of marine species that are either under serious threat, or constitute a critical marine resource.

Conservation initiatives focused directly on the protection of marine species or habitats of international or national significance.

Activities, including the production of a book or film or of other materials, directed at promoting the education of young people or the awareness of the wider public concerning critical marine environmental issues.

Conservation projects with public awareness and environmental education activities.

Conservation projects concerned with promoting knowledge and protection of threatened species of sharks and rays, the populations of most of which have been reduced to less than 10% over recent decades.

Other high priority marine conservation issues include protection of important populations of marine turtles or marine mammals, or critical environmental impacts such as coral decline or ocean acidification.